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Providing "All-In-One" survey solutions for emerging green markets


Why North GeoServices

Whether your survey targets wind-farm, carbon capture, ILX or deep sea minerals. North GeoServices has the ideal tailored solution.

An innovative technical and environmentally driven approach, for azimuth rich, high resolution data, acquired in a wider operating window.

Assured quality and HSE performance with a reduced carbon footprint operations model. North GeoServices’ “All-In-One” is the source for all your imaging requirements.

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Our Story

Starting in early 2021, North GeoServices AS is currently being established in Norway by a group of highly skilled personnel with long experience in the offshore survey and exploration industry.

Leveraging a vessel-light approach along with purpose built survey equipment designed to meet specific tasks, North GeoServices will provide tailored technical solutions with rapid deployment on vessels of opportunity.

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