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We believe that all occupational injuries and illnesses are preventable. ​


​North GeoServices are committed to maintaining the health, safety and welfare of everyone who is involved with or contributes to, or is impacted by, our worldwide operations. ​

Prevention of occupational injuries and illness to an acceptable level (zero harm) is achieved by identifying and managing hazards and risks., in order to provide;

  • IOGP Compliant Operating Management System (OMS)

  • Certification ISO 45001 and IAGC Membership

  • Safe work equipment

  • Safe systems of work

  • Safe places of work

  • Protecting the environment and mitigating our impact on the environment to a minimum

Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Sustainable Management

Sustainable Management

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  • North has adopted 7 of the UN sustainable development goals (

  • Ethical business practice to promote equality, economic growth, hand in hand with protection of the environment.

  • Providing technology & services to support energy transition.

  • Survey systems & operations designed to make use of emerging low carbon technologies.

  • Management System policies promote equality, respect & equal opportunity.

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